The Sling LSA is The Airplane Factory’s pride and joy! From the very beginning she was designed with the FAA Light Sport Aircraft standards as well ASTM Compliance standards in mind.

The Sling is a high performance, 2 place aircraft that fits the needs of private individuals as well as flight schools and flying clubs with its Special Airworthiness Certificate.
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The Sling 2 Kit is The Airplane Factory’s answer for all the home-builders out there who love the Sling LSA but prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach!


The Sling 2 Kit uses the same plans as the original Sling S-LSA but gives the builder the joy of constructing & flying their own aircraft. These kits can be certified as either an E-LSA or Experimental-Amateur Built aircraft.
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The Sling 4 Kit is an elongated version of the venerable Sling LSA but utilizes the Rotax 914 Turbo and falls into a category of its own within general aviation! The Airplane Factory believes the Sling 4 is the first…

…lightweight, 4 place experimental on the market anywhere. It can comfortably seat 4 people, carry baggage and still cruise effortlessly and efficiently, making it the ultimate & affordable cross-country aircraft.

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