Sling 2 Kit          pure PERFORMANCE | absolute QUALITY

The Sling 2 Kit is The Airplane Factory’s solution for the Do-It-Yourself-er. Few things are more intimate and adventurous than building and flying your very own airplane and The Airplane Factory believes that it is imperative for any Sport Aircraft manufacturer to offer a kit version. This allows all the home-builders out there the freedom to really understand and get involved in the process of creating a flying machine! If you’re the type that wants to know the ins-and-outs of your aircraft you can build your own and truly get a feel for it. And when you eventually fly your Sling, the experience will be that much more rewarding as you have accomplished a great deal.

The Sling 2 Kit is identical to the Sling LSA and upholds the same performance qualities as its S-LSA certified sister aircaft. It can handle most all types of flying but really excels as a performance handling, cross-country aircraft with its completely harmonized controls and 800+ nm range. The kit allows the builder a bit more freedom in the assembly and registration processes. The kit can be certificated as an E-LSA or Experimental-Amateur Built depending on the owner’s needs and desires. The E-LSA and E-AB are exactly the same airplane. The reason we are able to do this is because The Airplane Factory went through the process of testing the Sling to both sets of weights. Lastly, each kit comes with a full set of instructions and builder’s log for progress reporting and record keeping. If you want to feel like a King, build a Sling!

*E-LSA: 1,320 lbs Max Gross          *E-AB: 1,540 lbs Max Gross

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