The Airplane Factory North American Distribution

The Airplane Factory, Inc. is the exclusive Sling distributor for the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are located at Torrance Airport (KTOA) in Southern Los Angeles County. Our offices are backed by the runway at this beautiful location giving us prime opportunity to do any final touchups and flight testing for the Slings after their arrival.

We have a large network of contacts within the aviation industry and are currently expanding a network of dealers throughout the country. All Sling aircraft will come into the United States at the Port of Los Angeles and be immediately transported to their staging area at French Valley airport for final assembly, certification and registration.

After this process the Slings can either be ferried to their owners anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico. Our network of dealers are available to support Sling owners and service the aircraft when the need arises. Also, the North American Distribution center at Torrance Airport is on hand to do all support and servicing that may be necessary.