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The freedom of flight is a feeling that has been sought by many for over a hundred years and you ache to know and understand why so many chose to risk everything to pursue this love. Well, that’s exactly it… a love! A love of freedom, a love of flying through the skies without worry, a love and a passion for the ability to do so. This love has steered many men and women to learn the art of flight and become full-fledged aviators. No plane encompasses this love like The Airplane Factory Sling.

With its sexy, yet aggressive lines made from rugged aluminum and its modern technological advantages the Sling looks the way an airplane should and flies even better! It can go anywhere and do anything, from landing on small backcountry airstrips to flying long cross-country flights with its 800+ nautical mile range to being the perfect trainer aircraft with its robust landing gear. The Sling masterfully conquers the performance, safety, and affordability many pilots demand. If you’re interested in exploring the vastness of the skies and learning about your world from above, then there’s no better aircraft for that purpose!


The Sling’s flying characteristics make for a perfectly coordinated, highly responsive control setup. This gives her the distinct qualities of a fighter jet aircraft, while not being overly sensitive. The Sling is a Pilot’s Airplane. You fly it for the love of it.

Aviation writers have called it “the best-handling LSA” and said that it “handles like a fighter”.



Ramp appeal. You want your airplane to look as good as it flies.

The Sling has bold, sexy, aggressive lines. You’ll feel proud stepping out of it.

Glass Cockpit

The Sling’s avionics options make for a very unique, state-of-the-art flying experience, at a fraction of the cost of our certified competitors.

Full integrated EFIS with autopilot, radio and transponder with 2020-compliant ADS-B is available with live weather and traffic alerts in the cockpit. No more flying blind.


Sliding Bubble Canopy

The Sliding Bubble Canopy offers great visibility and cool taxiing in summer. Never break a sweat during taxi again.

The wide cockpit, excellent all around view and substantial luggage capacity make the Sling a very comfortable, yet versatile aircraft.


The Sling’s airframe strength and durability means that she won’t break easily and, if you treat her right, she’ll last you for the rest of your life. Easily stands up to the rigors of flight training.

Its aluminum construction makes for ease and consistency of construction, while offering proven strength and a longer lifespan than some of our composite rivals.



The sturdy construction of the Sling make it an aircraft able to go the distance, reliably. The incorporation, by design, of a ballistic parachute, makes the Sling an exceptionally safe aircraft to fly. The use of high quality components throughout gives you, the owner, the peace of mind that you deserve, when making this kind of investment.


The Sling’s performance matches and outdoes almost every aircraft in its class, while being highly economical and fun to fly.


900 fpm climb

120 kts


With an operating cost of around $50/hr and burning just 3.8GPH of car gas (912iS model), the Sling is the efficient, economical cruiser of the modern age.


3.8 GPH

ECO Mode

Sling LSA Videos

Design and Construction

The Airplane Factory is proud to be the producer of high quality, high performance Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft. We take every step to ensure that each aircraft produced, whether ready-to-fly or kit version, is held to the highest of standards, above and beyond that required by ASTM or the FAA. The reason for such meticulous design and construction is because most of us here at The Airplane Factory are pilots. We know and understand the concerns of our fellow aviators and we would never build anything we did not 100% believe in or endorse. Every new design prototype is tested to its ultimate breaking points to ensure maximum reliability and durability, not too mention the extraordinary efforts The Airplane Factory goes to in order to make sure handling and stability are in the upper echelon of all airplanes on the market today. In addition, each kit we produce is inspected and assured to be top quality before being shipped to the buyer. The Airplane Factory founders feel that the Sling airplanes and kits are the best on the market and believe that you will soon agree!

The design was conceived in 2006 as a result of Mike Blyth’s desire for a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that had better performance and handling characteristics than anything on the market. This vision would be an airplane capable of acting as either an exciting pleasure craft or a forgiving trainer. Mike decided to go with a stressed skin, riveted design for its proven technology, durability, and ease of construction. He also wanted to make an all-metal, low wing airplane that would have excellent visibility, sporty handling, and a sleek and sexy exterior.

The aluminum he chose was 6061 Aluminum Alloy. To be more specific, 6061-T6 Aluminum, a tempered grade that has been heat-treated and aged to add a significant strength element. The Sling uses all traditional AN Hardware in its construction, meaning it lives up to the US Air Force/Navy Standards. Solid rivets are used on the main spars, which are standard aviation type spars with our own unique design for added strength, and pull rivets for the rest of the structure, making construction a bit easier while maintaining structural integrity. The Airplane Factory uses high quality rivets manufactured in Germany that are well known throughout the aircraft manufacturing industry. Composites are also used throughout the airplane where appropriate, for example, cowling, fairings at the wing roots and the intersection between the vertical stabilizer and the fuselage, wheel pants, as well as the instrument panel and canopy structure. For reduced weight but added strength, the landing gear is also composite construction which can take a heavy amount of stress regularly without issues.

The standard assembly process for each Sling begins with the different aircraft subsections being assembled. After the Empennage, Wings, and Fuselage are ready they are sent off to receive their Primer and Epoxy painting. Concurrently, the engine, electronics and canopy are fitted. When the parts come back from painting the wings and empennage are bolted to the fuselage and tested. Lastly, the fairings are put in place and the aircraft is ready for testing.

Each part of the aircraft manufacturing process has a full set of quality control procedures that The Airplane Factory directors personally oversee. Each part part is carefully inspected and all metal is punched precisely by our CNC machines. The quality assurance managers then inspect the entirety of the shipment before sending out to the buyer.


Sling LSA Performance and Specifications
Cruise Speed:120 kts
Fuel Burn:3.8 gph
Rate of Climb:900 fpm
Max Range:800+ nm
Fuel Capacity:39.6 gals
Max Gross:1,320 lbs
Empty Weight:820 lbs
Useful Load:500 lbs
Wing Span:30.1’
Cockpit Width:44”
Engine Type:912 iS
Power:100 HP


Prices subject to change without notice

Sling LSA Basic Package

  • Approx $1,227 per month

Sling LSA Garmin VFR Package

  • Approx $1,306 per month

Sling LSA Garmin Basic IFR Package

  • Approx $1,344 per month

Financing Available

Through AOPA Finance – click here for a quote
(Select Other > Sling for Make and Model)

How to Order

The process for ordering a Sling is very simple. Below is an outline of the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Request a quote by clicking here and filling out our contact page.
  • Step 2: Review and Accept the offer by signing our Order Form & Purchase Agreement. This form outlines the quote as well as our Terms & Conditions and Warranty information.
  • Step 3: Send the signed paperwork to our office and make initial payment.
    • Standard Payment: 40% down, 40% on engine installation, remaining 20% prior to delivery
    • Financing is available through AOPA Finance.
  • Step 4: Accept delivery of your Sling!
    • Depending on the delivery option you selected we will coordinate a precise date and time for you to take ownership of your Sling.

We can’t wait to help you start flying your very own Sling!

Cleared for Landing

Let your dreams take flight…