Sling TSi Transition Training

Building a Sling TSi kit and need transition training, instrument competency training or a Flight Review? We can help…

Sling TSi Flight Training

Flight Training with FAA LODA


Are you:

  • Building a Sling TSi and need to get proficient with systems and operation of the aircraft before first flights?
  • Purchasing a Sling TSi and need to get proficient?
  • Building/buying a Sling TSi and required to get flight training in make and model (Sling TSi) for a certain number of hours (can be 5-25 hrs) to meet Insurance Requirements?
  • Building/buying a Sling TSi equipped for Instrument Flight and need to become competent at operating the Sling TSi in Instrument Conditions?
  • Require a Flight Review and would like to meet this currency requirement in a Sling TSi?

We can help!



Because the Sling TSi has modern features, equipment and avionics not easily found in other airplanes, the FAA has granted us a Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) to conduct transition training (not training towards a certificate) in the Sling TSi, including:

  • Sling TSi Specific Make and Model Initial Transition Training
  • Sling TSi Specific Make and Model Flight Review Training
  • Sling TSi Instrument Competency Training for Specific Make and Model



The training syllabus is available for download here: Sling TSi Flight Training Syllabus 1.1



Cost of training is $200/hr (wet) for Sling TSi and $70/hr for CFI (flight and ground)



KTOA (Torrance, CA)

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