“I would take this over an RV any day!”

Post Flight-Test Fan & experienced RV builder

“In profile, the Sling appears to be just another modern LSA. That’s before you sample its exceptional handling qualities.”

“…it’s so pleasant to fly that you won’t want to be straight and level for long.”

“It’s a bit of a cliche that pilots love airplanes that flatter their landing skills, but as every cliche is slightly based in fact, the Sling ought to find admirers.”

“The Sling 2 is arguably the latest and overall best handling of that new breed.”

Marc Cook, Editor-at-large, Kitplanes Magazine

“We at MGL are proud of the Sling and even more so since most of them feature our panels. MGL took delivery of a Sling a while back to take up duty as research and development platform for our new avionics. I absolutely have to state something I do not do often: I got more than I thought I would. The Sling is simply outstanding in every respect. Well designed and well built. It is difficult to envision how it would be possible to improve her without taking something away somewhere else – and that is the key. A term often misused but entirely applicable here: Superbly Balanced. This is the Porsche 911 of the sky. Not the fastest, not the prettiest, not the biggest, not the most expensive – but something that just hits all the right buttons and brings a smile to my face every time I take to the skies.”

“…It brings together two important things: Good product, good people. It needs both to succeed. It has both…”

Rainier Lamers, CEO & Chief Designer, MGL Avionics

“It is built like a tank, wide and comfortable…”

Al Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

“Handling on the newest LSA is clearly the product of careful engineering and a patient development schedule. In particular, control harmony was up with the best I’ve flown. I was able to execute roll-reversing Dutch rolls to 45 or 50 degrees each way within the first few swings of the joystick.”

Dan Johnson, Flying the Newest Special LSA: Sling

“The Sling got to me more than any other aircraft I’ve flown in the past several years. In fact, I contacted Liknaitzky just hours after our flight, asking him about the availability of the Sling for rental. Like an addict, I couldn’t wait to get my Sling fix.”

Marc C. Lee, Plane and Pilot Magazine: September 2012

“It’s not just a tinker toy LSA, it’s a REAL Airplane!”

Sling Fan

“The real magic of the Sling comes from flying it. Easily, the Sling’s most impressive quality is its maneuverability and handling. The controls are an extension of your mind, with only the slightest finger pressure necessary to execute the maneuver in your head. But it’s not twitchy or too light – an ailment some highly maneuverable aircraft and LSA suffer from. The Sling is a superbly balanced aircraft, and would be considered a “pilot’s airplane” if that term hadn’t been worn to dust by marketing people for airplanes that don’t come close. The Sling inspires you to fly it.”

Marc C. Lee, Plane and Pilot Magazine: September 2012

“You guys have created an awesome machine that deserves to be on stage with the best there is on offer, WELL DONE!”

Russell Conradt

“The Sling is a little gem! You guys have found a nice balance in an aircraft that is maneuverable yet quite stable. I think this will be a great training platform for my Sport Pilot students. I can’t wait to fly it again!”

Michelle Kole, Ph.D., CFI