Test Fly the Sling!

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Please contact us to schedule your test flight today! There are several options:


  • If you are located in Southern California, either you can come to us or we can fly to you!
  • Contact one of our DEALERS to arrange a test flight.
  • Come see us at an airshow near you. Please check our events page here for our current schedule of airshows.
    • If you are located along our route of flight to/from the airshows but cannot attend please contact us in advance and setup a time for us to make a pit-stop at your local airport. Because there are so many variables in flying, we require that you give us your contact info and make yourself available for a certain period of time on the day of the flight. We will call to confirm scheduling and discuss any other necessary details.
  • If you’re from out-of-town and would like to come see us at Torrance airport in California we will help you make all the arrangements. And if you decide to buy a Sling LSA we will apply travel costs (airline ticket and accommodations, up to $1,000) towards the purchase of the airplane.* Plus, you get to vacation in California near the beach!


*Ready-to-Fly Sling LSA only


Come fly with us in Torrance, California at Sling Flying Club

Or, become a professional pilot to start your career at the airlines at Sling Pilot Academy