Become a Sling LSA Dealer


It’s very simple!


We are currently looking for dealers throughout the United States. If you would like to become a Sling LSA Dealer please Contact US and we will discuss all of the options.

The Airplane Factory is looking for people/companies who live and breathe aviation. It is of utmost importance to us that all of our customers receive fast, high quality, and friendly service! This person/company should not only be someone who can broker an airplane deal but who can also give training, help with maintenance, and be there to support the customer when they need it. We feel that this full-service center approach is the best way to develop loyal and happy customers and are more than certain that it will be beneficial to everyone involved!

Every dealer will also have support from The Airplane Factory distribution headquarters in Torrance, CA. We can provide documentation, technical support, aircraft parts, flight training materials/supplements for transitioning pilots, and much more!


Finder’s Fee


If becoming a dealer is not right for you don’t be discouraged. If you refer someone who is on the market for an LSA, and they end up purchasing a Sling LSA from us then we will give you a $1,000 finder’s fee. That’s a lot of money, or in our world about 10 hours flight time, so please help us find the next Sling owners and you won’t be sorry!


*Ready-to-Fly Sling LSA only. Kit purchases do not apply.