Sling Builder App

The Airplane Factory Unveils App for Sling Aircraft Kit Builders


The Airplane Factory has taken kit building one step further with the addition of the Sling Builder App for the iPhone and iPad. The factory knows that providing customers with the best support possible is one of the most important parts of kit building and we are committed to the progression of aircraft kit building and the convenient medium that smart devices allow. Features of the app include:

  • In-App Barcode Scanner for Inventory & Organizational Assistance
  • Useful documents such as Builder’s Manuals, POHs, and Maintenance Manuals
  • How-To Videos
  • Latest News from the Company
  • Builders Forum Integration and picture upload (coming soon)

The most impressive feature right now is the ease at which the app allows its users to inventory and organize kit parts. Using the built-in barcode scanner, the builder can scan the bar code on the part when taking it out of the box and the app will inventory the part, tell the builder which pile to place it in for ease of assembly, and will also give a direct link to the page in the builder’s manual that contains the part for quick reference.

The app is titled Sling Builder and is listed in the iTunes store for Free at the following link.


Sling Builder App


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